Covid Policy

When will you be reopening?

We are awaiting final guidance from the government on when its safe for gyms to open up, we will notify you as soon as we know.

Are the opening hours remaining the same?

We hope to resume to normal operating hours as soon as we open however, this will continually be assessed.

What is the capacity on the gym floor?

We have a spacious and open layout so we are not concerned that capacity restrictions will impact the training experience. We intend to operate capacity at a lower level than the currently drafted guidelines from UK Active and we will continuously monitor capacity throughout the day to ensure it is safe and adjust accordingly.

What additions have been put in place to secure our safety?

We have taken a number of measures:

Hand sanitizers at entry/exit, and around the site.
Antibacterial handwashes in our changing rooms.
Wipe dispensers on the gym floor to use before/after training
Floor markings for guidance – and distancing
Equipment layout adjusted
Class capacity restrictions
Studio floor markings for all classes
No use of boxing gloves and other accessories
Hourly cleaning schedules and more regular deep cleaning
Pre and post class equipment/mat wipe down
You will also be able to book time on the gym floor so we can ensure that it does not get too busy

There will be strict member guidelines to follow when onsite to ensure the safety & wellbeing of our members and employees.

Will the membership number be capped?

Yes – we will have limited number of memberships on sale when we open and once the capacity is reached, there will be a waiting list for applicants to join the gym

Will there still be classes?

Yes – classes will be adjusted to ensure they are safe. Such as capacity or type of equipment used.

Will you still run virtual classes?

Yes and we are working with our partners Technogym to release these on demand.

What if I want to cancel as I am shielding?

You can cancel with 1 months notice however, rejoining will be dependent on capacity. You have option to freeze your membership for £10 per month which secures your membership and membership price. Please email us at to arrange a call.

How do I book in gym floor time?

You can book gym floor time in the same way as classes. The app will show you availability and you can book. When you come you will use your wristband or app at the unity machine by reception and this will check you in. Instructions will be sent to all members in advance and someone will be there to help onsite.

Can I still bring my own yoga mat?

No, we want our members to bring as little as possible to the gym, our yoga mats are cleaned before and after classes, so you can be assured these are safe and clean to use.

Will you continue to supply towels?

In the short term we will no longer provide towels, this will ensure that members and staff are safe. We will reintroduce this facility as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, please feel free to bring your own sweat towel.

Will your showering facilities be open?

On opening we will keep our shower facilities closed. The toilets and changing area will be accessible. We hope to open up our showers as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Will you still have water station?

Our water station will be operational, however we will not provide single use plastic cups, so don’t forget to bring your water bottle.


I was an actively paying member during COVID closure what do I get for this?

Thank you for supporting us by remaining an active member during this time. You will be provided with several options once the gym is reopened and you can decide which would be most suitable for you.

When will I get my gym floor time back that I missed?

As per above, all active and freeze members will receive communication on options available to them and you can choose what is most suitable.

New Brand

Why is Fitness Space changing?

We will continue to provide the great service and build the community of the past year. We want to bring much more to our members on overall Wellness and offer more services relating to lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.

What will happen to existing memberships?

Existing members can maintain their existing membership type if they wish. Our new memberships are changing and these will be available on our website, should any existing members wish to upgrade.

Will there be an updated class timetable?

Yes, we are working on an amazing upgrade to our class timetable which will be available soon.

What will happen to Hot Yoga?

We will continue to teach Hot classes, however, we intend to take far more advantage of the benefits of Infrared Heat technology. So the timetable will now offer far more variety in the Hot Room and not just limited to Yoga.